Repeater installation places

House, Shopping complex, Retail Showroom, Corporate Office, tunnel and Airport.

Cellular Jammer Installation places

Temple, church, mosque, jail, conference hall, meeting hall and colleges

Indoor coverage Solution.

  • Cellular Repeater


Sun Telecom setup comprehensive range of RF repeaters for in-building and outdoor coverage. In order to increase network coverage, we develop our own range of RF repeaters. RF repeaters provide cost effective in-building and outdoor coverage in areas such as tunnels, buildings, basements, car parks, airports, rural areas, highways, railway stations, dense vegetation areas, etc...

  • Cellular Jammer


Sun Telecom is proud to announce world’s first and only cell phone jammer with host of facilities. This versatile and amazing cell phone jammer is not an accident. This is the result of Our commitment to develop low-cost but most advanced cell phone jammer. We have spend More than 3 years to finalize the design and prove its reliability at most worst environmental Conditions which most of other jammers fail in its class.